Monday, September 22, 2014

River's Bend Farm

As we were tooling through the Ohio countryside on Saturday, we found the cutest place. We attempt to attend as many festivals as we can but we are always on the lookout for anything unique or special we can find.
This was just the cutest little farm.  Above you can see their herb shed.  You can purchase plants for your garden or dried herbs for your kitchen
These guys were very curious to meet us.  I really like their barn.                                                                                          
This shed houses antiques and they had a very nice selection for very good prices.  Basically everything you see is for sale.
You can see the horses in the background. They never took their eyes off of us.  I think they were hoping we brought treats.
These girls all gathered for a look too.                                                                                                                      
This is the main gift shop.  They were selling fresh produce and fruit which had just been picked.  The owner went into the hen house and gathered me a dozen warm eggs.
We loaded the car with all sorts of things but the most special purchase was the flat of just picked red raspberries.  What a treasure.

I came home and turned them into jam.  Everyone has been enjoying my yeast pumpkin bread toasted and served with this spread on top.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pumpkin and Leaf Cookies

I make these cookies every Fall.  They are a lots of work but are well worth it.  I gave these to my friends which made them very happy.
First you have to make the colored icing.  I mix each individual color in a plastic bag.

You can make as many Fall colors as you want to use.

You just snip the corner off of each bag so you can pipe the icing on the cookies.

It is inevitable, you decorate yourself as well.

This is royal icing which needs to dry until it is firm.  After you decorate the cookies, they need to sit out overnight to dry.

I used a maple leaf and pumpkin cutter but you can make them in any shape you wish.

I enlisted The Blog Tech's help.

He got a bit artistic.

My friend's kids ate them for breakfast.  Here is the link to the  recipe:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Have You Found A Pumpkin

 For those of you who have asked, no, I do not have enough pumpkins yet.  I got some more yesterday.  This is a short post today because I was gone to the country all day yesterday and I have lots of photos to sort through.  I am so busy right now.  This happened every year.  Summer just drags and drags and then September comes around and BAM!, time just flies by.

 Some people rescue animals.  I rescue pumpkins.  They are a fleeting breed but while they are around, I feel the need to give them a good home.  I built a fire to welcome the new ones last night.

 Teddy is guarding them.  That is a side gate which is partially hidden by the arborvitaes.  She lays in wait for someone to walk into that neighbors yard.

 More mini pumpkins adorn the potting table.

 The ones in front on the left are the cement pumpkins I bought a while back.

The path to the back gardens invites you to take a walk.  I'll show you pics of yesterday's trip later this weekend.  We are off early tomorrow to another big Fall festival.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Am Not The Only One That Loves Fall

 Teddy can not seem to spend enough time laying on the front porch with the pumpkins.

 I never understand this behavior.  Does she feel like the pumpkins are her pack? 

 Does she think the pumpkins camouflage her?

 A tourists stood in front of the gate for 20 minutes yesterday taking photos of her and she never moved.

I seriously think that she thinks no one can see her.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere still my heart!  Pumpkins!  On our way back from the festival, we passed many pumpkin farms.

 And apples.  Apples are for sale everywhere right now.  And apple fritters, apple dumplings, apple smoothies, apple cider.....what's not to like about Fall?

 This farm lined it's driveway with cornstalks.


 Pick your pumpkin.

 Specialty pumpkins too.

 Pumpkin porn.

 Inside, there was lots for sale too.  The line at the back is for fresh doughnuts....pumpkin, apple cider and maple.

 As we were driving away, we saw people on horseback going out for a trail ride.

 We saw plenty of Amish buggies too.

 I love these old barns.

 Another perfect Fall day. We sure are lucky to have weather like this this time of year.  Often, we get some of our hottest weather just about now.

 What is it about pumpkins that they can dress anything up?  They are like Christmas trees that way.

 Pumpkins always make me smile.  There is really nothing else that looks like them.

 Someone's local harvest for sale.

I just love coming across these stands which trust you to buy your own.  The prices are so good too.  If I bought one of these in the city, it would cost me about 5X this price.  Have you bought a pumpkin yet?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Fall Festival

 Saturday was  a perfect day to attend another Fall festival.  It was gloomy, cool and kind of day!

 This festival was held at a park in northeastern Ohio.  As you entered, you passed the livestock area....peeuuuwww!

 Though it was a perfect day for me, the poor vendors were less than thrilled with the conditions. Everyone had cold, wet feet.


 This woman decorated old doors and windows.

 Interesting birdhouses with equally interesting feeders hanging below them.

 Lots of Fall decorations.

 Small picket fences.

 I wish I had a closer pic of these.  They are cement fairie cottages and were just as cute as could be.

 Brooms...I managed to not buy one.  They were wonderful though.


 Smoke so good it should be illegal.

 I am sure a lot of hot apple cider was sold.

 There was quite a bit of Christmas on display.  I can hardly look at it.  I don't want to rush Fall.

 Pinecone garlands.

 Nice weathervanes.

 Blown glass pumpkins.

I really wanted the leaf pie plate but I didn't buy it.  Now I wish I had.

 Dried status.

 These tables were beautiful but I had no where to put one.

 I left the fair with two rugs.

 These were woven by two Amish women.

Perfect colors for my time of year.